This week on our YouTube channel, The Style That Binds Us,  we are talking about several ways to create a long, lean look. As a wardrobe stylist, I work with women to help them feel modern, chic  and empowered. I want you to realize that you have control over how you are perceived in one way simply by how you dress. If you are interested in a slimmer, longer silhouette, this video will show you examples of how to dress quickly and effortlessly to achieve your goal.  

The purpose of the YouTube channel, and the media brand (more to come on that later!) that my daughter and I are building, is to inform, inspire and entertain you. We hope you will join our inclusive community that explores all things style and culture. We want your involvement! This is an interactive space, so please give us feedback, send us questions and topics you want us to cover. If we know what you are interested in, we can serve you better. Most likely, what you are curious about, other women are too, so you will empowering not only yourself, but other women as well. That is what we are all about, women supporting women, not tearing them down.  I very much hope you enjoy this video, stay tuned for more to come!

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