What to do with all those shoe bags? (with a bonus tip about protecting your clothes from moths)

In this week's Youtube video, I am sharing two tips that, at first glance, have nothing to do with each other. However, both tips give need-to-know advice about storing clothing properly. After all, this is the time of year when we store out-of-season clothes and shoes, or at least put them in the far reaches of our closet to make room for our spring wardrobe....warm weather is finally here!

Recently, I had the honor of getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. which is an UNBELIEVABLY fascinating place. As we heard from the conservators about all that goes into conserving the garments, fabrics, hats, shoes, jewelry, etc. in their state-of-the-art laboratory, it became clear that there was one practice I could incorporate for personal use. I can't wait to share this tip with you in the video!

The other subject I discuss this week is about shoes. I don't know about you, but I have a really difficult time throwing away the shoe bags that come in the box with the shoes. The fabric is soft and lovely, but if I keep the shoes inside the bags, I invariably forget I have them (this goes for the pouches that come with handbags as well). At one time, I had enough of these bags to fill up a large pillowcase! I have since narrowed down the collection to half that size, and I hope you will watch this week's video below to discover the two ways I have found to put these bags to use! 

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Alison Bruhn