How To Style Your Everyday Look


This is an example of an everyday look for me, depending on what I am doing that day. This would be worn when I am speaking in front of a group of women in business, for example. On other days, I can be more casual, especially on days when I am working in a client's closet. This week's video on our YouTube channel, The Style That Binds Us (TSTBU),  is about finding your go-to looks for everyday, depending on what your "everyday" lifestyle is! I am primarily discussing my "uniform", but am giving examples of how to mix and match for quick, easy dressing each day, in hopes that you will be able to incorporate a "uniform" from your closet that can make your super busy life a little easier! My clients tell me that it is easier to figure out what to wear for dressier occasions, than what to put on each day (get out of those yoga pants!!!!)

 I'd love for you to go to YouTube and watch the short video (I don't particularly love being in front of the camera, but feel that photos and videos work well when doing a tutorial or showing examples, in much less time!) I've already been told to stand closer when filming, and will zoom in on specific items I am discussing (a shoe, etc.) in the future, so the viewer can see what I am suggesting more clearly! Thank you to the person who sent those suggestions! Please send your comments, suggestions, and questions too, we really want this channel to be a source of help to everyone!  Thank you in advance for watching, and don't forget to subscribe to the channel too! Watch video below!

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Alison Bruhn