For years, people have been asking me why I hadn't collaborated with my daughter on something, since we are both in the same industry and share similar interests. I was reticent, because we were both at early stages in our careers, and I felt we needed to put energy into our own endeavors. However, earlier this year, at a conference, a mentor really pressed me on the subject. She felt that it was a niche that hadn't been filled-looking at the same subject from similar vantage points, but from different ages and generations. There was also the relationship and bond of a mother and daughter to explore. All women may not have daughters, but are a daughter themselves. There is also the feeling that women in general need to bond together and support and lift up one another. The industry we are in can seem exclusive and excluding of others; we want our partnership to be inclusive, empowering and uplifting! Everyone is invited to come along for the ride. We absolutely welcome and hope for suggestions on future subject matter, and questions as well. We hope to be your destination for all things STYLE- coming together through our bond as women in the same industry, with the same passion, and sharing the mother/daughter bond as well, to seek out the epitome of what is stylish and current in the worlds of art, fashion, design, music, dance, travel, food, women who inspire us, the list is endless...and the colliding of all these worlds. Enjoy and tell your friends, mothers, daughters, step daughters, sisters, cousins-everyone that they are invited to come along on our adventure; we are hoping each viewer gains something in the process-style tips, new product information, a fabulous restaurant to try, how to wear a certain trend, for example, and has a few laughs along the way (Delia still doesn't understand why I have so many lists on different pieces of paper, and that it works much better for me than figuring out how to open the Google Doc and add my comments there!)



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