What Pants Are "In" For Spring 2018 (as seen on the runways for spring 2018)

As we get closer to spring, it's time to talk about PANTS! They are certainly having a "Moment". No longer are they simply something to cover your lower half, they are making a style statement on their own!  



The first look is the SKINNY straight leg pant or jean -usually shown cropped to the ankle bone and worn with a kitten (or higher) modern heeled shoe ( a pump, slingback or mule). This pant is not tightly tapered at the ankle, but rather leaves a bit of space between the leg and pant.

The second is a wide leg pant, worn with a chunky platform heel or a stiletto style sandal.

Do either of these pant styles interest you? Are they looks you might try? Let us know! Next week we will be discussing another trend from the runway that you will be seeing this spring. Stay tuned!

Alison Bruhn