Each week this month, I am going to choose one "problem area" to discuss. My goal is, as always, to help you look your best, and to simplify dressing and shopping. As I mentioned in my newsletter, even if the week's subject doesn't directly relate to your body type, it may describe someone close to you, and the knowledge would be helpful to them. PLEASE make comments and send in questions, that is the entire purpose of this blog space- to inform, engage and inspire you to feel empowered, confident and chic!

This week, the subject is a LOW HIP (more eloquently called "Saddle bags"). If you have this issue, the first thing to remember is that it is MUCH more obvious to you than others! The second is that they are there, and are probably not going away if you have had this issue for most of your life. It is time to say, "Okay, I have a low hip. How can I dress that best camouflages this particular issue, and accentuates my more attractive areas? 

First, let's get to WHAT NOT TO WEAR! You should avoid fitted pants and jeans that taper in at the ankle, because it will exaggerate the wideness of the hip area in comparison to the  ankle area and make your leg look shorter. Leggings should be relegated to the gym at best. Tight fitting pencil skirts or skirts and dresses in silky material cut on the bias are not your friend either.

Now we can discuss WHAT WORKS! Palazzo pants, wide leg trousers, flare jeans (my personal fav), any pant that BALANCES you out looks fabulous, and no one will ever know you have a low hip. 

As far as  dresses go, AVOID super clingy fabrics and figure hugging styles. Steer towards A-Line and Fit and Flare (comes in at waist and does not cling to hips and thighs).

If you have "saddlebags", remember many super thin women have them, saddlebags do not mean you are at an unhealthy weight. Also, there are many women who are celebrated for their beauty that have this issue too (look closely at the photos I chose, you might guess who they are ...or not!) Celebrities who have this concern have stylists to help them detract from certain areas, and now you do too! 

It's simple really- accentuate a part of your body that you like- collar bone, long neck, small waist, graceful arms, etc., wear the correct pant, skirt or dress to camouflage the saddle bags, and this will create BALANCE. Now you will look gorgeous, so stop obsessing about that small area of your body and get out and enjoy life!

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