With the holidays behind us, we begin the season in the fashion world called "Pre-spring". This year there are three colors that kept popping up in many collections. All are heavily saturated hues that mirror the excitement that spring brings. Look them over and tell us which you might be drawn to (you may already have a few pieces in your wardrobe).

The first is Kelly green. I originally noticed it in Pierpaulo's collection for Valentino. Now I'm seeing it all over!  Could there be a color that represents the coming of spring better?!

The second is Electric blue. This gorgeous bright color looks splendid on just about everyone. I have a pair of electric blue suede Celine pumps in my closet that will be just right to add a drop of color to my wardrobe!  What about you? Do you have any royal blue pieces to wear now? If not, keep an eye out!

The third is a perennially happy hue-who doesn't love yellow? Yellow actually works well for many women, but if you feel like this color isn't your best, then wear it as an accent to brighten a winter's day.  A pop of bright yellow can bring the sun streaming in to dreary late January.  See if you can add one piece, and watch the compliments come rolling in! This color will definitely add a modern, glamorous feel to any look.

As February approaches, bringing Mardi Gras and other signs of spring, adding a splash of these colors will be an updated, chic way to give a glimpse of the season to come! It's time to have fun with COLOR!

Note: The photos are shoppable and also serve as examples of what to look for from brands you love.

Alison Bruhn