Summer Scarves - Baby, It's Chilly in Here!

Spring has sprung and it's hot, hot, HOT outside! Women tell me, "I'm always burning up!" The funny thing about the warm weather months these days is that because of central air conditioning, even when it is really blazing outside, it can uncomfortably cold inside. We live primarily in a world where buildings are sealed tight (unless you are lucky enough to be reading this from your porch on an island in the Caribbean).

This issue can cause a dilemma-what to wear that is easily taken on and off, that is summer weight, and that is chic but not too casual or too dressy? What a puzzle to solve! I know we all have those $5 "pashminas" we have picked up on the street corner (that come in every color in the rainbow!), and those are fine. However, what if we want to step it up just a little? 

As you all know, I am a huge believer in the power of SCARVES year-round. They are easy to carry (roll up and stick in your bag or tie to your bag) and are so comfortable and soft to wear... not to mention very chic. They add a casual European elegance to any outfit, "Oh this? I just threw it on..."! In many instances, they can actually MAKE the outfit. Last minute dinner plans? Put on a simple shift dress, some earrings, strappy sandals and a fabulous scarf and you are glam to go!

They add so much more warmth than you think they will; even the smallest size silk scarf can help take off the chill. Whether you are inside (you know those times when you are sitting directly under the A.C. vent-ugh!), or dining al fresco on a breezy night, it is important to have something to add just a bit of warmth.

The idea is a smart one, but actually finding the perfect scarf or wrap is the issue. How many scarves do we have that are never worn? After much investigation, I've put together some scarves and wraps that I love for spring and summer. You can see them here.

Style tip:  Remember to keep in mind your coloring and body size when choosing a scarf if it has a print! 


Until next week,


Alison Bruhn