How to Decipher Laundry Symbols


I have been so frustrated by trying to figure out the laundry instructions found on the tags inside my clothes. Besides the fact that you need a magnifying glass to read them, you also need an instruction book to understand them?! I'm sure they would be helpful if we had any idea what they meant! This is actually pretty important; improper washing of clothes can lead to disasterous results-shrinking, fading, or damaging items beyond repair.

We all know that it's a good idea to take proper care of your clothes, especially if they are of good quality. For the most part, if it says "Dry Clean Only", you shouldn't risk washing them yourself. Another fact- washing too often can wear clothes out, but on the other hand, not keeping clothes clean can lead to stains becoming permanent, and can attract moths, etc. No wonder we get confused!

No one looks put together wearing wrinkled or dirty clothes. It's just a fact. No matter how fabulous the outfit, the effect will be lost if the clothes aren't in perfect condition. We all have some basic knowledge about taking care of our wardrobes. Jeans, for example, should be washed inside out and hung to dry to avoid fading and shrinkage. I keep Tide sticks in my kitchen, the car, my purse and in the bedroom so I can treat stains quickly. These things are helpful in taking care of our clothes, but the most important information we need is the best way to CLEAN THE FABRIC! My sister sent me this chart that explains the international symbols, and the mystery was finally solved!!!! I was so happy to have something to refer to-no more favorite shirts ruined (my daughter's.....didn't go over so well), or tops coming out two sizes smaller (who knew a tee shirt was supposed to be "dry cleaned"?). 

We are all so busy these days that necessary chores like laundry are usually done on the run-sticking in a load as we are walking out the door. How frustrating is it to quickly try to figure out the washing instructions on something? Half the time, the item goes in a pile for further investigation and just never gets washed. Ugh!

As you know by now, my goal for this blog is to help everyone find solutions to commonly discussed issues. This week I'm giving you the chart that explains the laundry symbols. It seems like such a little thing, but what a difference it can make!

Until next time,


Alison Bruhn