How to Beat the Winter Chill - The Perfect Stockings & Tights

In the chilly days and nights of winter, I am frequently asked what to do about one's legs when wearing dresses and skirts. One obvious answer is black tights. This is a no-brainer; it's a chic look and very comfy. What gets more tricky is if you are wearing a navy or brown shoe.... "Is it okay to match your tights with your shoe", is a commonly asked question. The answer is a definitive YES! Think about it, Bare legs under dresses and skirts are IMPRACTICAL in cold temps, not to mention MISERABLE! I am a strong believer in FUNCTIONALITY-wearing clothes with a purpose. If you have a fabulous navy wool skirt and you want to wear it, you need to buy a pair of navy tights! It's as simple as that. It is a smart idea to actually take the shoe or skirt with you to the store if possible, because there are many shades of blue. 

An even MORE confusing issue for many women is what to do when wearing cocktail attire or for other dressy occasions. "Pantyhose" went out of style years ago....some of you might remember "Suntan" hose by L'eggs?! I shudder to think about it! Fast forward to 2017. Look for the sheerest stockings you can find. They should either match your skin exactly (it should look like your legs but without the veins, blemishes, etc.),or they should be an ultra sheer black, grey or navy. Picture the Parisian women with legs for miles, and a little black dress with super sheer (just a whisper of color) stockings..oh so sexy and chic. Some brands are selling micro fishnet stockings, that are nearly invisible, but I have not tried those so I cannot reccommend them. It is an intriguing idea though. Has anyone seen or worn theses? I know Commando is making some (and pretty much everything Commando does is fabulous!).

If you are a recent graduate who is wondering about what to wear on a job interview, here is your answer: cover your legs! If the weather is cold, you will NOT look professional with bare legs; it's not my opinion, it is a fact.. If you are an executive going to an important meeting, how professional will you feel in 30 degree weather with " goose bumps" on your legs? It is unsightly and DISTRACTING! You will probably get attention for that rather than what you have to say. 

STYLE TIP: Spray your hose with hairspray before wearing. Let it dry. This will help avoid tears, snags and static cling.

I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for sending this one in. It was definitely on the list because I get it so frequently. If you have a question you would like for me to address,  let me know! 

You can click here to see some examples of tights and stockings I recommend. If you see something you like, just click on the photo and you will be taken directly to the website! 


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