Happy Valentines Day! A few treats for us girls...

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Whoever you are, you most likely have a variety of relationships-a significant other, a spouse, siblings, children, parents, friends, even co-workers, and colleagues. I believe we should think of Valentine's Day as a time to show people we care about some attention; to make them feel special. It may be a cupcake left on a co-worker's desk, a Valentine's card sent to a friend far away, a treat in your child's lunchbox a few days before the 14th as a surprise, flowers for your mother, etc. In other words, the holiday can be about ALL forms of love, not just romantic.

Obviously, if you are in a romantic relationship, this is the time to celebrate that, but for those who are not, don't let the day get you down, instead spend it doing kind things for those who matter to you. After all, that's what life is really all about is being kind to one another. You never know the people whose lives you may touch or make easier, just by being you.

That being said, Valentines Day is also a day for treats! I have put together a gift guide for Valentine's to give you ideas for the women in your life, or to use as a guide for ideas that you can share with your significant other (you can blame it on me!), OR why not treat yourself? I mean, seriously, if we don't love ourselves, who will?! 

Alison Bruhn