Finding The Right Jewelry

I am often asked for advice on jewelry. There are usually several factors to consider. Money obviously is one very practical factor. Type of metal is another. Size of the piece is of great importance as well. The final factor for me is the style of the piece. You really need to consider all of these before making a purchase if it is going to be a special addition to your collection of jewelry. Remember, "special" doesn't always mean "expensive", it simply refers to a piece that will be worn for a long time and holds a special place in your core wardrobe.

As far as money goes, because you don't need a lot of jewelry, you should invest as much as you can in each piece, making sure it is well made and of good quality.

The type of metal you pick matters because of your coloring. For example, silver doesn't work as well for me as gold, unless it is shiny or has sparkly stones (somehow my husband thinks this is a trick on my part!). With my warm coloring, a dull silver can cast grey shadows up onto my face. This is most important on pieces that will be worn near your face, such as earrings and shorter necklaces. As a general rule, people with warm undertones look best in yellow gold and rose gold. Cooler toned skin looks best in silver and platinum. Redheads are an exception, as they seem to look equally good in silver and gold metals...lucky girls! Of course, pearls and diamonds are every girl's best friend!





Ring by Spinelli Kolcollin



Concerning type or style of the piece of jewelry, it's important to consider your personal aesthetic and lifestyle. Even though some ornate, victorian jewelry is truly stunning, it doesn't go well with my personal "look", which is less fussy, more structured and tailored, instead of romantic. I want pieces that work with my life, that I can wear often and dress up or down (FUNCTIONALITY -I mention this concept frequently). For me personally, I don't like heavy necklaces around my neck. I also know small, delicate pieces, though beautiful, don't show up on me, so I avoid them. You can read my post about what earring works best for your face shape here.  I am using myself as an example to give you some guidelines to evaluate yourself, in order to make the best decision about the perfect piece of jewelry for you, the one that really makes you SHINE! 

The most important thing to remember is to BE THOUGHTFUL... really think it through. Take into consideration all the things I have mentioned before you purchase.  You don't need a huge amount of jewelry, so take your time introducing new treasures into your collection. A good piece can last a lifetime if chosen well.






ecklace by Liz Legg






Style tip: If you have old pieces that have been passed down but aren't exactly your style, take them to a trusted jeweler and see about having a new, more modern piece made that you will wear. I'm sure your grandmother would be thrilled to see you enjoying it in a new way, and you will have something lovely to remember her by.

Until next time,


Alison Bruhn