The DYSON SUPERSONIC Hairdryer costs $400!!!! Is it worth it??

$400 for a hair dryer? Is that a joke?? Actually it's not, and actually, I got one for CHRISTMAS!!!!! Full disclosure, my family was so tired of me complaining and huffing and puffing about my hair dryers, they would have coughed up the cash at almost any amount! This year I have thrown away TWO dryers. One was very cute, red and small, but would start out very slowly and get to full speed and heat when my hair was practically dry...VERY time consuming and annoying. I cannot remember the name of the brand, but I got it at Saks Off Fifth. The second one, Revlon or Connair, from CVS, was really bulky, very heavy and awkward, and the button to turn the dryer on was incredibly difficult to use. I truly hated that dryer. I have a lot of hair; it doesn't look like I do, but every hairdresser I have ever had comments on how long it takes to dry. I dread the process. It's monotonous, takes forever and my arm is killing me by the time I am through. All this is leading up to my review.....

The dryer itself is a marvel of art and science.  People magazine said that it took 2000 engineers spending $71 million for 4.5 years to perfect. Who knows if that is true or not? I must admit the technical stuff about the how it does what it does is beyond me, but WHAT it does is AMAZING.

It takes a little practice at first. I turned it on, and it immediately blew a half-full water bottle across and off the counter! It dried my hair so quickly, I didn't even have time to style it?! My hairdresser told me to have your hair 95% dry before you start styling with a brush. As I said earlier, my hair usually takes a long time to dry, so I was shocked at how quickly it worked. I didn't even have time to get to the styling part, but my hair looked nice anyway. How does that happen? This reason alone makes me LOVE IT!!

My hair was constantly getting caught in the grill of hair dryers. It hurt, and I felt like my hair was catching fire!? There is no grill that can catch hair in the Dyson; another problem solved. There is only a little vent that is easily removed to clean dust and lint and doesn't catch hair at all.

The motor is much quieter than that of other dryers. You can actually hear things like the phone ringing and talk to people while drying your hair. That's never happened before.

They put the motor in the handle, so the weight is more balanced. It is not awkward to use and doesn't feel nearly as heavy when you are drying your hair. My arm wasn't tired at all after (of course this was due, in part, to the speed at which it dried my hair)!

The design of the dryer is user-friendly. The cord is more like that of a vacuum cleaner. It doesn't get knotted up and is heavy enough that it doesn't get caught on everything. The attachments click onto the dryer with a easy! There is an attachment for smoothing the hair, which works remarkably well. Although your hair dries quickly, it is smooth and frizz-free. The styling attachment is super easy to use as well. There is a diffuser, but since I have very straight hair I haven't tried it. Someone who has curly hair said that it did a beautiful job of keeping her curls defined without any frizz. 

So, to wrap this up, my vote is a solid YES!!! I am thrilled with my new Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. I have very carefully sent in the warranty information because I am planning on using it for a very, very long time. Cost-per-use makes $400 a little more bearable. How much have I spent on numerous hair dryers in the past, and NEVER found one that was satisfactory? I can honestly say I have never been excited about my drying my hair before. I feel like I'm on an adventure! Just remember to hold on tight, because things happen FAST!

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Alison Bruhn