My First Ever Holiday Gift Guide!

IS IT REALLY TRUE? Are the holidays already here? How in the world did THAT happen? I'm still getting over the end of summer (it doesn't help that we have had an unusually warm autumn)! I guess we'd better put on our holiday attire and get busy! In my travels, and through my particular line of work, I come across some pretty fabulous things on a daily basis, many of which are very new, which is always exciting! I decided to put together my first annual holiday gift guide in the hopes that it may give you some interesting, fun, unique (or in many cases, true cult favorite classics) gift ideas for the girls on your list, or hopefully an idea for a special present just for you! I hope you enjoy, and I send many hopes for a happy, not-too-stressful holiday season at this very special time of the year!

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Alison Bruhn