How to boost your everyday look in minutes!

I recently saw a newscaster reporting on a story that had gone viral. A man had written a letter to the editor of his local paper that had offended many women. He wrote that the sight of women over the age of 20 in yoga pants was "something bizarre and disturbing...the specter of someone coping poorly with their weight or advancing age." In another post I read recently, a man was pleading with women to stop wearing yoga pants, because he is married and a Christian, and finds it very distracting. Good grief!

On a more somber note, I had a husband ask me if I could please help his wife, because "she looks like she has the flu every day. She can't seem to get out of her workout clothes." I have had clients ask me to help them pick out Lulu Lemon at times, and I explained that they could probably do that themselves and that I am trying to get women OUT of their Lulu Lemon (nothing against the brand of course!).

I want to talk about two ways to put together an easy everyday look. I totally get the fact that we are all OVERWHELMINGLY BUSY, but what I am proposing is fairly quick and simple to accomplish. I promise you will feel better inside and out! Getting dressed intentionally can give you the confidence to face whatever the day brings.

Because women wouldn't get out of their workout clothes, designers started losing a lot of money! Out of this problem came an entirely new style category-"Athleisure". Many brands have opted in, from Derek Lam and Tory Burch with Tory Sport to Lululemon with Kit and Ace, Lily Lotus, Nike, and others. You can also get the look at stores like Old Navy and Target. White sneakers have even become a fashion statement!


The other option is more in keeping with my personal style aesthetic (simply because I HATE to exercise unfortunately). You can decide which look works best for your lifestyle (or decide not to try either!!). Find a pair of suede or leather leggings, jean jeggings, or skinny heavy weight techno pants and an oversized sweater, graphic sweatshirt or long cardigan. Pair these with sneakers, booties or tall boots. Brush your hair, throw on a pair of earrings (see my last blog post to learn about which earring style works best for you), and swipe on some lip gloss and go....because what could be easier than that?


The truth of the matter is that we always run into people in the grocery or the carpool line. Your kids notice too. Mean girls notice too. Have you ever had someone in your family ask why you are so dressed up when you simply put on street clothes? It's time to step it up! 

Here are some of my favorite pieces in the athleisure and casual everyday categories.

Alison Bruhn