Holiday Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life!

Thanks for everyone's response to my first Holiday Gift Guide! Several of you requested that I put together one for men as well, so here First Annual Gift Guide For Men! As a rule, men can be especially hard to shop for, because they usually want big-ticket items, like a sports car or a boat, just to name a few..... (in my husband's case, it would be a week-long live-aboard dive trip to Belize or somewhere?!).

This guide will hopefully introduce to you to some fun items that won't break the bank (with a few exceptions) but would make any guy happy and surprised to receive. Some men are city dwellers, while some cannot wait to get out in the woods or on the water. Others are obsessed with sports; playing or watching it. Some are athletic, some are not. There is; however, one common denominator: they all love their TOYS! I have tried to find some interesting gift ideas for those men who already have everything they need.

Most men tend to give themselves gifts rather than waiting until a birthday or Christmas or Hanukkah. Have you ever noticed that? My husband always guesses what his present is before the big day, which ruins it for the gift giver! Maybe this year, we can come up with something new and different that he would never expect, but will love; something he always needed, just never knew it.

Here's to the men in our lives! Ho Ho Ho!

Alison Bruhn