Today I'm beginning a new adventure - blogging! Who would have thought??? The decision to do this came about due to the frequent questions I am asked, and the subjects I want to expand on more than what Facebook and certainly Instagram allow, with the limited space on each for content and photos, etc. In "Ask Alison," I'm hoping that you will send me your questions, AMAs (Ask Me Anything!!), and I can address them, so that I can share all that I've learned on this journey. I will also research the questions I don't have the answers for yet. I do this daily!! "Where can I find petite sized clothes in my price range?" "Why are there no stylish plus sized brands, and why do they call it "Plus" anyway (the industry is moving away from this term finally, thank goodness!)" "How can I pull off the Bomber trend at my age?" "Is off-the-shoulder just for twenty year olds and younger?" "Where can I find a stylish shoe that has a low heel and is actually comfortable?" ETC. ETC. ETC. - these are the types of questions I recieve every day, all day. I am hoping that this will be a space where we can share thoughts and experiences-please send in any of your discoveries that might help all of us as well. I LOVE it when someone sends me a text or email saying, "I have found the perfect shoe for women with wide feet!" for example.

I have already recieved several emails with questions, so I'm addressing one in this first official post. "How does a woman over 45 pull off the Bomber trend, or should she not wear this trend at all?" Yes, she can!!! I've realized that in this time of such change in the world, due to the explosion of technology and the fact that people are living longer, biological age is just a number. Each person can decide what works not based on age, but on her PERSONAL STYLE AESTHETIC. You don't need to dress like your daughter for sure, but you don't need to dress like your mother did at your age either! I'm including a few photos of the way I have chosen to wear Bombers. I have a black bomber by Rag and Bone that I LOVE. I'm going to wear it with jeans and a tee and booties, or with my version of a slip dress and black suede pumps for a dressier look. I love to throw it over my shoulders as well. I will pair it with a silk blouse and wide leg trousers and a chunky heeled velvet sandal as well. I bought a light blue suede bomber also (I wore it with the Alexander Wang black dress on Talk of Alabama). Will you wear this trend, and if so, how? Send your thoughts, suggestions and questions to me at alisonbruhn@albstyle.net, and let the fun begin! Thanks so much for reading; I hope you enjoy!

Alison Bruhn