Dressing for the Holidays

The holidays are stressful enough without having to figure out what to wear to parties, events, programs, concerts, last minute get-togethers, etc. etc. etc.! It's really helpful to get a few go-to looks together, head-to-toe, and have them ready to wear BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS get into full swing. Every girl needs a beautiful, well-fitting black pant in the closet. If you like skirts instead that's fine too. For more casual events, have a very dark wash blue or black jean ready (my preference would be a slightly flared leg with a crease down the middle). 

Have a silk shell in a soft neutral or black and/or a charmeuse camisole, a long sleeved silk blouse, a sexy sleeveless turtleneck in creamy white or black (if turtlenecks work for you). You can rotate these for different events, and dress them up or down.  NOTE: It's important to wear the correct bra; a strap hanging down or black lace showing through can ruin an entire look.

Of course, there is always the grand slam super fabulous party dress, guaranteed to make an unforgettable entrance!

The final step is to have a few statement pieces; a fabulous long cashmere cardigan with fur trim, a stand-out-in-a-crowd jacket or a beautiful scarf, even a statement necklace or earrings can make an outfit shine.

Keep in mind the fickle weather; one night it could be unseasonably warm, another it could be rainy (do you have a raincoat that is presentable, no windbreakers!) Make sure you have a pretty shoe or bootie THAT'S IN GOOD CONDITION;  mine are black suede (one is a bootie and the other is a pump). If there is time, switch from your day bag to a fun clutch or small crossbody type bag. Check to make sure every piece is clean, pressed and ready to go. Use jewelry cleaner on rings, etc. You need to SPARKLE!

Try to incorporate a pretty red into the outfit, or emerald green. If you don't like color, find a fabric with shimmer. Take a little extra time with your makeup-a red lipstick or a dramatic eye (but not both!). Spritz on your favorite scent and go. It doesn't take much to go from so-so to fabulous, and the extra effort will make you feel festive and bright! If you have two or three (or four depending on your social calendar) holiday outfits put aside in advance, you will be MUCH LESS STRESSED and will arrive at your event in style, calm and collected. Note: I have a goal this season to let go of some of the stress. I actually made this goal yesterday after some comments from my family... I'm going to plan ahead a bit and try not to "sweat the small stuff" because it really is just small stuff compared to what's important about the holiday season: friendship, family, and spirituality. Let the fun begin!

Get party ready in a flash!

Alison Bruhn