Culottes are a great option for warm Fall days!


So many women ask me about how to wear culottes and cropped pants. Personally, I think it's a look to wear with shoes with a bit of a heel, unless you are super tall and thin. It is a really stylish option for those who no longer feel comfortable in shorts, because you can dress the look up or down, depending on the occasion! The width of the leg depends on your personal preference, but shorter women will usually look best with a more narrow leg. I have worn mine with a sleeveless silk blouse or turtleneck sweater and gladiator heels, but I have seen women wearing them with everything, even booties and white sneakers. I think I will throw on my bomber over the outfit to fight off the chill as cooler weather approaches. How will you wear yours? You can email me a photo of you wearing this trend at I'd love to see! It's all about having fun and feeling confident and current. Go ahead and show off your unique style!

Alison Bruhnculottes, fall