Crossbody Bags

Years ago, I thought wearing your handbag across your body was a truly horrible, geeky look to avoid at all costs. Today, I have completely changed my tune on the subject! My absolute favorite bag this year is the Crossbody. You need to make sure the size isn't too large or too small, depending on what you want to carry in the bag, and take into consideration your height and size. Obviously a large crossbody "feed" type bag on a small person would not be a great look, and a mini mini (yes there is such a thing) will look totally out of proportion on a tall woman. 

The Crossbody is so easy to wear because you are truly hands-free! It is very helpful when you are at a party or event and want to hold your drink or plate without balancing your bag on your shoulder or under your arm. It works really well when you are grocery or clothes shopping, for example. Also, you don't have to put your bag down constantly to look for things inside, but my favorite reason for carrying a Crossbody (besides the fact that I love the look) is its back-saving properties. It is a much more comfortable option for balancing the weight than a shoulder bag, plus you probably won't be carrying everything you own in it because of its size! It's perfect for travel and concerts, etc....more user-friendly than a clutch, the list goes on and on. Not to mention the fact that you are less likely to leave your purse somewhere because it is attached to your body!

Look for a bag that is big enough to hold a phone, glasses, sunglasses (if it's daytime), lipgloss, a small wallet (or with a small pocket for a few credit cards, driver's license, metro card etc.), keys and a few other small items. If this has not a natural style for you, just try it out. You will fall in love just as I did. You will have a modern, chic look that actually can make your life easier at the same time! 

I've put together a group of crossbody bags that I'm currently loving. You can click on the individual photos to learn more about the bag and order. Let me know how you feel about this trend. Is it for you?

Alison Bruhn