Cozy Coats + Capes

Winter is here! After a warmer than usual fall, winter arrived with a blast of arctic air seemingly out of nowhere. I decided that this week would be a perfect time to write a post about winter coats. As I began to research, I realized that many of the items I loved are ON SALE, some as much as 40% off! You won't feel guilty about spending on yourself during the holidays when you are getting such a fabulous deal! Also, what a perfect gift to give-functional, substantial and gorgeous... and don't forget the "Wow" factor!

My blog is usually posted each Thursday, but with the knowledge gained from putting together the Holiday Gift Guides (things kept selling out!), it seems like a smart idea to post immediately. 

Puffer jackets and coats are an easy go-to style for super casual warmth, but what about when you want to step it up just a little? A chic coat can instantly elevate a simple turtleneck and jeans. Add sunglasses and a cool bag and out the door you go! Capes are another great option. If you have jackets and blazers, or chunky sweaters, but still need more warmth on a cold day, you can simply put the cape over the jacket. Add gloves and you are set. It's a very glam look, achieved with little effort.

A few helpful hints as coat season comes around:

  1. Keep your lint roller close by!
  2. Hang your coat up- in the closet, on a hook, even on the back of a chair! Outerwear that is thrown on the floor or in a heap on the sofa, won't hold its shape, and will pick up dirt and lint, dog hair, etc. etc. etc.... You will NOT look put together if your coat or cape is a mess!!! It ruins the entire look!

Happy Shopping! Let me know if a style you love is sold out, or the price point is too high. I tried to choose coats and capes in a large variety of styles and price points. Remember, when you are choosing outerwear, it is a smart idea to get the best quality you can afford. The "cost-per-wear" theory applies here! This is an addition to your core wardrobe that you will wear often, and keep for multiple seasons. Also, most of these online stores have free shipping and returns, so you can order more than one, try them on in the comfort of your own home, and choose which one works best for you! 

Here is the shoppable catalog!

Alison Bruhn