I love the IDEA of skinny jeans. I'm a big fan of skinny jeans tucked into tall boots, especially thigh high boots. But, and here is where I have to tread lightly, skinny jeans are not the best look for many women. If you have athletic thighs and/or calves, "saddle bags", or hips (that would be me!), a skinny jean with a ballet flat, for example, can create the look of an inverted triangle. If you have relatively short legs, "chopping them off" at the ankle only brings more attention to their shortness.

In my opinion, unless you have a "boyish" figure, cannot wear any height heel at all, flare or mini flare jeans are the best look, because they add length and balance to the figure. Bootcut or straight work well too if booties can be worn UNDER the jean. Tucking your booties into jeans only makes your legs look shorter. I will address how to wear skinny jeans in the future, but in this post, It's all about the FLARE!

A flare jean looks best with a bit of a heel. It doesn't have to be super high, but the shoe needs to create a slant (a platform that is basically the same height in the front and in the back is NOT what I am suggesting). This will let the jean almost touch the ground and won't create a "break" near the bottom of the jean in front. We are going for one long clean line!

Stylist tip: I  press a crease into my flare jeans, because a vertical line down the front gives the illusion of "legs for miles", and brings the focus to the middle of the body and away from any "trouble" areas, )thighs and hips!).


Unfortunately, it is much easier to find skinny jeans than any other style, which is SO FRUSTRATING! It's just another example of the disconnect between what women are looking for and what is actually being sold in stores. To make things a little easier, I am including some of my favorites below. They are shoppable  to make things as easy as possible for you! 

Remember, if your closet is full of super skinny jeans, it is not the end of the world! There are many fabulous tall boots, especially thigh high in various heel heights (warm for winter!). You can also scrunch your skinny jeans to the top of booties if they hit at the ankle or below, but you don't need a lot of scrunch! This is where a quick alteration to take up the hem just a bit can work wonders.

Alison Bruhn