Which Earring Shape is Best for You?

Every girl loves jewelry... but which baubles are best for your face shape? Have you ever even considered this when accessorizing? There are actually some pretty useful guidelines when choosing the best earring style for your face (necklaces and bracelets as well, but we will address that when we get to body type). First, you need to have an idea of your face shape. Pull back your hair so you can see the hairline. We are going to break them down into these categories: Oval, Full, Square, Diamond, Oblong, and Sweetheart. Oval and Round faces have softness and few angles. Square, Diamond, and Oblong have more angles in them. Oblong is long and thin with the same width at jaw and hairline. Square faces are about the same width as length (similar to round but with angles). If this seems a little confusing, there is an app called "Face Shape Meter". It costs 99 cents and is fun to play around with, but you have to be as accurate as possible, or it won't work.

If your face is oval, you have the most flexibility when choosing earrings, but any style you choose should still be in proportion to body size and neck length. Study the size of your facial features. Your earrings work best for you if they are no smaller than your facial features.

If your face is full, you want to choose earrings carefully. "Think Narrow". Moderately long shapes that do not add extra width- dangling drop earrings or narrow loops work better than hoops.You don't want an earring that adds more width. A large stud or button-shaped earring isn't the best choice either. You want to give the illusion of length. Here are a few examples of earrings that work well for a full face:  


If your face is oblong (longer than it is wide, with the width of the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw relatively the same width), earrings work well for you as a tool, because they are an easy way to add softness and a little width for balance, especially if you have long, straight hair. Medium to large hoops work really well, as do statement earrings. Bangs shorten and add softness to a long face as well. Steer away from very long, narrow dangling or drop earrings or long thin hoops, as these will add more length to an already long face. Note: the earrings that SJP is wearing are thick sparkly hoops-they don't show up well because of the size of the photo.


If your face is square, you need to choose carefully as well. You want earrings that take attention away from your strong jaw. Look for dangling earrings and make sure they don't hit at your jawline. Stay away from square or large round shaped earrings.


If you have a heart shape face, you want to choose earrings that add width to the lower part of your face to add balance there. Drop earrings work really well for you, as do chandelier. Stay away from earrings that are button shaped or hit right at the ear because they will place more attention at the wider part of the face. 


Faces that are diamond shaped are very similar to oval shape, but with more angles and a more pointy chin. They are very similar to heart-shaped faces, but with a more narrow forehead. The earrings that work best for diamond shape faces are chandelier or drop-in style because this softens the sharp angles in the face. However, if you want to highlight the sharp, high cheekbone area, you can wear an earring that hits at the earlobe. Avoid earrings that are diamond shaped. Avoid top-heavy earrings as well.


I hope these words and images have given you some useful information for reference when buying earrings. You can, of course, wear any style or size that you like, but using your face shape as a guide can help in finding the perfect earring for you! Remember to keep in mind the size of your features as well. I've seen many women wearing beautiful pieces that no one else can see because they are hidden by hair or are too delicate and small for the person's body and feature size. 

These are just suggestions, and my ultimate goal is to help you look and feel fabulous.....BECAUSE YOU ARE!

Alison Bruhn