On the Go Necessities

No matter how good you look in the morning when you leave the house (or hotel) after awhile makeup starts to fade, hair flattens or frizzes, and that scent you sprayed hours ago is just a vague memory. It just takes a second or two to hit the reboot button midday, and you can look just as fresh and put-together as you did at the beginning of your day, ready to put your best self forward for whatever lies ahead. In this post, I'm going to share with you what I keep on hand, in the console of my car or in a tote while traveling. There are very often going to be mishaps along the way as well, so I plan for those also. A little planning and preparation can save the day.  Every item I list should be small in size and put in a lightweight cosmetics bag or even a plastic ziplock for quick access (it never fails that the item I am looking for is at the BOTTOM of the bag).


  • a small pack of tissues
  • lip color that can double as blush
  • hand lotion that can double as hand sanitizer (Gold Bond makes this)
  • blotting papers (my favorites are made by Tatcha, but Neutrogena makes them as well) TIP: use these BEFORE applying powder when touching up!
  • perfume samples
  • small comb
  • small hairspray (I love Oribe but you can find travel size hairsprays at the drugstore as well) I use this much more than I thought I would to tame fly-away strands. I am constantly putting my sunglasses on and off the top of my head, and by mid-afternoon, my hair needs a quick comb through and spritz of hairspray to refresh the style
  • almonds (this is the easiest, least messy snack to store in your car or tote, and can save you from making poor decisions (think MILKSHAKE and FRIES) when you are starving with miles to go before your next meal:)
  • small portable phone charger (mine requires a USB cord) FULLY CHARGED
  • Tide stick
  • mini lint roller (this is ESPECIALLY important if you have PETS!)
  • a few safety pins
  • small travel pack of band-aids
  • Small container of Advil (or whatever basic painkiller medication you take for a headache, sore muscles, etc.) - I keep mine in a little Altoids tin
  • pack of gum for after a meal without a toothbrush or before a meeting to freshen your breath (DO NOT CHEW GUM IN A MEETING OR AROUND OTHER PEOPLE, it's a fast way to ruin a good impression)!
  • concealer stick

This list may seem long, but the items are small in size, so all together they don't take up much room. Most of the items are just there for "emergencies"-hem fall-out; chocolate stain on your white silk blouse which you notice just before walking into an event, hair disaster....and they won't be needed often. When surprises like these do come up and they will at the worst time, you will be VERY happy to have these things on hand.

Full disclosure: This is separate from my small makeup bag that I keep in my purse, which contains a lip gloss, small powder compact, mini mascara and small nail file. This bag is very small and can be switched to and from whatever bag I am going to be carrying that day or night.

I freely admit that I have a Type A personality, and as an "image consultant", it's true I should try to look presentable no matter the circumstances or time of day. However, it honestly takes two or three minutes max to do a quick check in the mirror, swipe on some gloss, run a comb through your hair, spritz on a little perfume, and blot any unwanted shine from your face. It's all about how you present yourself to the world. As the Nike peeps say, "Just do it!" You never know who you're going to run into..x :)!

Until next week,


Alison Bruhn