Mad for Plaid

The second trend in this series is PLAID. Plaid is a really fun way for anyone to incorporate what's current and of-the-moment. For women who prefer more understated looks, a plaid with low contrast between the colors in the pattern work. Think off-white and brown. Another way is to pick a plaid that has low contrast between the colors, with just a pop of vivid color, like one stripe of red. 


Examples of higher contrasting, more dramatic plaids


Example of a plaid with low contrast between the colors, more understated

Remember to keep the size of the plaid in mind. If you are petite, obviously a large plaid will make your head look small, and like you are wearing your father's suit!


If you have high contrast between your hair and skin and are average to tall in height, a boldly patterned plaid can create a gorgeous look.

Plaid works so well because it is traditionally a men's fabric, but when worn by a woman, creates a sexy, cool vibe. This is similar to a woman wearing a tuxedo jacket and tapered black pants (think Dior by Raf Simons). Be careful when choosing a plaid piece though, you are going for chic, not matronly!


I chose this trend to talk about because it's not too "out there". It's not for teenagers only.  It can be modern, but also timeless. What about you? Are you going to wear plaid this fall? 

Until next week and the next trend,


Alison Bruhn