How to Build a Core Wardrobe

This week I am addressing THE BASICS. I have put together a LOOKBOOK of shoppable pieces that every woman should have in her closet in order to build a chic, modern core wardrobe. These will come in handy no matter what your lifestyle or age, give or take a few pieces (not every woman feels comfortable in a moto jacket for example, although it is a super flattering addition to the closet and can be dressed down with jeans or thrown over a dress to quickly and easily up the style factor).

There are two problems with the most basic pieces: these need to be the best quality you can afford, and they are not the most exciting things to spend your $ on! The best plan for acquiring these items if you cannot afford to buy them all at once, is to add a few at a time, adding the ones you would wear in the current season first. However, sometimes, you can find sales on clothes at the end of a season. Unfortunately, many of the items I've chosen are "iconic" pieces for the brands, meaning that they are so popular, they very rarely go on sale, and are frequently sold out, so may be difficult to find. THERE IS A REASON FOR THIS! These pieces are the best in their category-they don't cling, the fabric is of good quality, and the cut is beautiful. Remember, the more simple the piece of clothing, the more difficult it is to make well, and any imperfections in sewing, material, etc. will be glaringly obvious.

The importance of these pieces cannot be overstated. In order to build any outfit, you need to start from the foundation and add on from there. This includes the foundation pieces of course, and you can read about my recommendations for those here.

Once you have acquired the core pieces, then the fun can begin! This is the time at which you can add pieces that show off your distinct style personality and creativity. Just make sure when purchasing these basics that they fit perfectly. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH GETTING CLOTHES ALTERED! Remember that each of us have unique bodies, the sizing of garments is just an estimate, most people aren't of "standard" size, we are usually between a 6 and an 8 for example, or a 2 on our top half and a 4 on the bottom. If this is the case, you would buy a size 4 and have the top half of the dress taken in just a bit. Then it fits as though it were made just for you!

There are no jeans in the Lookbook, but only because there are so many different options today, and you should choose based on figure, style aesthetic, and price point. DENIM SHOULD DEFINITELY BE A BIG PART OF YOUR GO-TO "UNIFORM"! I recommend a white, several blue in different washes and styles, and a black.

You cannot imagine how often you will reach for these core pieces, and without them, it will hard to develop an everyday uniform. Instead, your closet will be a hodgepodge of different items, which makes it very difficult to pull looks together in a timely but stylish way. So what are you waiting for?! You can see the Lookbook here (p.s. it's shoppable!).

Until next week,


Alison Bruhn