Finding Your Style

Do you get lost in the business of life? Have you been so consumed with the needs of others that you have given up on taking care of yourself? 


This is such a common discussion in my work with clients, it would be a silly cliche if it weren't so serious. I have written about taking care of yourself many times. Today, I want to talk about taking control of how you present yourself to the world. As young women, many of us were taught to believe that if you focus on your looks, you are vain and shallow. At the same time, we are forced to face the cold truth that as women, we are many times, judged on our appearance. Hmm...

The truth is that how you look matters. If you want others to think of you a certain way, then you need to dress the part. Just as important, if you are really drawn to a certain look or style aesthetic, you need to explore it. Style and fashion are not necessary for survival. They are simply a means of expressing oneself; of giving a visual representation of who you are. It can be really fun when you have the confidence to get creative and try out different styles-are you boho chic? A minimalist? Somewhere in between? Artsy, traditional, preppy, avant-garde? Do you even know???? Have you always been drawn to a style but hadn't dared to wear it yourself? If so, why not try it out? Who told you it wouldn't work for you? You could begin by adding a cool jacket over a simple dress, or buying a modern pair of jeans, embellished shoe, just one step out of your comfort zone can be rejuvenating and liberating! 


Add a blazer and pump to basic jeans and tee to go from ordinary to chic!

It is my sincere hope for you, that you will take a little time to get to know yourself again. As I've said before, there is nothing more rewarding to me than when a woman is looking in the mirror and I can see her thinking, "Hey, I remember you!". It is a moving experience. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH PAYING ATTENTION TO YOURSELF. I'm even giving you permission to spend some time creating your own "look". THIS IS NOT WASTING TIME! You will have to retrain your brain (I'm still in the process of this myself and need frequent reminding...brainwashed?!) to understand that it is okay and smart to spend time on your appearance; that through our unique style, we can control how people see us, even before we open our mouths. YOU HAVE THE POWER, use it! When you feel attractive on the outside, you feel strong and confident on the inside. When someone says to me, "You have truly changed my life", I know now they are not being overly dramatic. I have given them permission to have fun being exactly who they really are.


All these looks are easy, comfortable and glamorous at the same time. Branch out, be a little daring, and show the world how spectacular you really are!


Alison Bruhn