Fashion Memoirs I Have Loved

Whether or not you are yourself going back to school, or you have someone at home doing so, or you have no one in your immediate circle heading to school at all, there is always a feeling of excitement and possibility in the air around this time of new beginnings. 

Soon, we will be talking about transitional wardrobes, switching out our summer clothes for fall, and fall events and what to wear, etc., but I wanted to take this week to tell you about two books that have meant a lot to me. They are memoirs written by two women who I greatly admire. Their careers are in fashion, and this is why I read their books. However, in the process, I realized these books were about more than just getting advice from those in an industry in which I work as well. There is nothing more rewarding in my opinion than learning about women who have managed to live successful, interesting, inspiring lives, which at times had some pretty insurmountable roadblocks. How they dealt with tragedy and illness and forged ahead to become the women they are, has made these two books more like instruction manuals on living life to the fullest.


The first book is "I'll Drink To That", by Betty Halbreich. She is probably the world's most famous, and certainly most beloved, personal shopper, having run the Personal Styling department at Bergdorf Goodman since it's inception. The stories she shares are magnificent, and her spunk, sense of style and ability to speak her mind are what I admire about this woman who is my mentor. I am honored to have spent time with her. I have recommended this book primarily to women who are NOT in the industry, and they have loved it.






The second book is "My Journey", by Donna Karan. It is about her childhood, marriages, friendships, thirty-plus years in the fashion industry, and deep commitment to causes she believes in. Tragedies are faced with bravery and dignity. Her devotion to others is inspirational and aspirational. Above all, it is a fascinating, entertaining story of a well-lived, passionate life. I was thrilled to get to spend some time with her this summer learning about her latest project to save the artisan culture in Haiti.




These two books by these two exceptional women, I hold close to my heart. I encourage you to find a little time to enrich your life as well!

Until next week,


Alison Bruhn