You CAN Wear This Look!


This week's post is about how to wear one of Spring's hottest looks. The reason I love it is that besides being very chic, it is a super easy and comfortable way to raise the style bar-if you are wearing the correct jean for your body type, then simply add a tee for a casual look, or a fun top to dress it up a bit, throw on a slide or mule, and go! "Mule" is a French word and refers to a backless shoe, heeled or not, that is primarily close-toed. "Slide" refers to a mule with open toes.

Women are frequently asking me about where to find comfortable shoes that are also stylish. THIS TREND IS FOR YOU! It would be perfect for an everyday "uniform" or for travel. I'm working with several clients right now who have travel plans in Europe this summer. You can feel chic, elegant and modern and be comfortable at the same time...genius!



This post is primarily about mules and slides as a really smart option to consider when buying shoes this year, but I will give you a few tips about cropped jeans. ANYONE can wear the frayed jean trend, no matter your age. I don't necessarily feel the same way about ripped and distressed jeans, at some point, they start to look sloppy and distracting. If you are tall, pay special attention to the length of your cropped pants. It's better to go longer than not. The most current styles are high-waisted, which may feel a little strange at first. Once you get used to them, you will love how comfortable they are (but do not look like "Mom" jeans at all). TIP: If you buy this style, make sure the waist fits. If you have hips, you may need to get them taken in at the waist a bit (I almost always have to get this done).

As far as the best options for tee shirts, I am a huge fan of Vince "Boy" tees. They are a bit expensive at $65, but you can find them on sale sometimes. Old Navy has one that works pretty well, but make sure it isn't too sheer. YOU WANT THE TEE TO FIT YOUR FIGURE, WITHOUT BEING TIGHT. BOXY TEES ADD UNWANTED, UNFLATTERING BULK...yuck!

Here are some mules and slides that I am loving right now. It's such a glamour girl off-duty look that is easy to master. You should give it a try, because why not?

Until next week,


Alison Bruhn