Which Sunglasses Work Best for You?

All of us, at some point, have tried to figure out which style sunglasses work best. When we ask a store clerk or a friend, we don't always agree with their advice. If you are like me, you have made a few choices that, once home, you felt were not quite right, but you could not put your finger on why this was. Is there a SHAPE that looks best for your face? What about COLOR? What about what SIZE? I'm going to give you some basic guidelines to go by that will make shopping for sunglasses much easier. The right sunglasses can elevate any look, adding a touch of glam instantly. On the flip side, wearing the wrong sunglasses for your face can accentuate areas that you might not want to bring attention to. My goal with this post is to make shopping for sunglasses easy and fun; you should think of your sunglasses as an accessory, just like jewelry, and choose accordingly. So here we go...


The first step is to know your FACE SHAPE. Your face is considered "round" if the width and length are the same. You have a square-shaped face if your jawline is strong and your forehead is broad. An oblong face is long and thin, similar to a rectangle. An oval shape is wider than an oblong and is characterized by a narrow forehead and chin. A heart-shaped face is wide at the forehead and narrow at the chin. A diamond shape is basically an oval with strong cheekbones and more angles in the face.

I talk frequently about the concept that "Like Enhances Like". With sunglasses, this is usually NOT the case.

If you have a square-shaped face with a strong jaw, for example, you should think "curves", "round", in order to soften your look. Adding a pair of sunglasses in a square or rectangular shape will make your look more severe. You can wear glasses that are wider than your face, as long as they are round; this will give a softer, more feminine silhouette to a strong, angular face. Round or aviator style glasses work.


If your face is round, the worst choice will be round sunglasses, because they will reinforce and add to the roundness. A pair of square frames can add definition and balance.Another choice is a Wayfarer type, which can create the illusion of cheekbones. 

With a heart-shaped face, avoid glasses that are wider than the face. Aviators work well to give the face a more balanced look.

With a diamond-shaped face, oval or rimless frames complement the cheekbones. Choose frames with gentle curves that are not wider than the cheekbones themselves. Steer clear of narrow frames. 

Anything goes for the oval-shaped face. The main advice I have here is to avoid frames that are wider than your face. 

If you don't love your nose, choose glasses that have a wide bridge-those that place the lenses further apart. Go for heavier frames to distract, rather than wireframes. Lower the bridge and go dark with the frame.


When in doubt, go with Wayfarer styles. This shape works for just about everyone because it is a combination of shapes-angular across the top and curved on the bottom half.

The next component is SIZE. This is very important! Keep your glasses in proportion with your features. If you have delicate, small features, stay away from heavy, large frames as they will overwhelm you. If you have strong, medium to large features, you can go large and dramatic with heavier frames.

The last piece of the puzzle is COLOR. 

If your hair is blonde with warm undertones, go for tortoiseshell, dark brown, or glasses with peach tones-WARM HUES; gold rims.

If your hair is blonde with cool undertones, look for frames that are black, blue, dark tortoise or pink tones. Avoid colors with warm undertones, go for silver rather than gold rims.


Brown with cool undertones- look for black, blue and dark tortoise for best effect.

Brown with warm undertones-Choose lighter tortoise shell style shades or frames with red, creamy off-white, gold hues and rims.

For red hair, go for frames that match the vibrant hues in your hair. Reddish brown tortoiseshell, warm neutrals, black or cream. Avoid anything with yellow undertones. Gold or silver rims work for you.

Black hair- go for black, cool blues, very dark tortoise, remember that ashy tones will make you look washed out.


For grey or silver hair, try black, grey, soft blue, silver-anything but brown or any that have yellow tones. No gold rims.

Sunglasses can instantly up your cool factor, create mystery (who's behind those frames?), protect your eyes and elevate even the simplest look. They are the ULTIMATE fashion accessory. In terms of making a style statement, you get a big bang for your buck! They are a must, especially in the summer. However, they can make OR break a look, so CHOOSE WELL. Hopefully, this post will have you on your way to choosing the perfect pair for you! 

Until next week,


Alison Bruhn