Trending Colors for Summer 2017

Each time I go to the nail salon, I face the same old challenge of which color to choose. It's a bit of a commitment, because the polish will remain on your nails for a week or so probably, and there is nothing worse than realizing you made the wrong choice when it is too late. You are stuck with it for awhile...ugh! This week, I want to discuss a trend in the world of nail polish-wearing coordinated combinations for summer 2017.  I am going to show you some examples, talk about my favorites. I would love to hear from you on the subject.


One look that I have loved this year is the pairing of hot pink and orange or red-a pink silk top with an orange skirt is so chic! But what about hot pink fingernails and bright orange color on the toes? This look would be very glam if done correctly, but makes a dramatic statement, so be careful with your outfit.Very quickly, it can go from chic and current, too messy and a bit over-the-top, not to mention too matchy-matchy. I would definitely NOT wear it with an outfit of the exact same colors or it would come across as a costume (unless you are a flamenco dancer)!


What about wearing two different pastels? This is a lovely look for those who have soft coloring, and anyone who is more comfortable with low key looks with less drama.


What about pairing a soft color with a bright one?

Of all of these, my favorite would be the last. This would work for me because I wear orange as often as I can. It works for me because of my warm coloring and the high contrast between my hair and skin. I also happen to adore this color combo. If the brighter color is on the toes, you can still pull off neutral, monochromatic looks, and you can wear clothes that might not go perfectly with orange. When it is on your fingernails, it can be limiting and a bigger commitment!

NOTE: It's important to keep your coloring in mind always. Do you repeatedly try to wear a silvery grey color polish and wonder why it just doesn't look good? It looks great on your friend, but misses the mark on you? Your friend probably has cool undertones in her skin and you don't. Warm undertones need warm neutrals, a taupe for example, rather than a true grey. 

I would love to know your thoughts on this trend. Which would you pick? Would you go for a combo at all, or stick to the same color on both fingers and toes? Let me know! Also, if you have a go-to color, tell us about that as well. 

Until next week,


Alison Bruhn