Time to Get Creative!

One of my favorite things to do is to create a "Mood Board". It is so much fun, and you can actually learn a lot about yourself during the process. It seems like a frivolous waste of precious time, but you should give yourself the permission to let your mind wander for a little while. There are absolutely NO RULES you must adhere to, except to put no constraints in any way on yourself. You can definitely make a board on Pinterest if that is easiest for you, many people have several different boards going at one time with varying themes. I have found, however, that the action of physically tearing out a page, the sound of the paper ripping or the scissors cutting, motivates me. Also, if you make an actual board (I create mine on a display board that sits against the wall in my office), you can see it often and it can be on a large scale. It's like a constantly changing work of art!

 One of the mood boards I made for fashion.

One of the mood boards I made for fashion.

I make boards for various reasons; change of seasons, upcoming trends, specific topics such as wedding guest attire, etc. but for the most part, they center around fashion, since that is my profession and passion. Recently though, I made one with a different theme. I am painting my living and dining rooms and had struggled with the color. I decided to put the "Mood Board" practice to use. It turned out to be fascinating. I put together all sorts of photos and images from interior design and home magazines, then went on to include art, travel, books, and gardens as well. All the individual images seemed to have little to do with each other, but when I stood back after a few days, I could definitely see a commonality to it all. I had formed a visual representation of what I had been dreaming of but didn't have the words or knowledge to express. I now have a clear picture and plan in my head going forward.

 One of the images on my current Mood Board.

One of the images on my current Mood Board.

This practice is so helpful for clearing one's head, to really focus. If you aren't sure about your personal style aesthetic (many times women will say they aren't sure what theirs is anymore), this is an excellent activity to pursue. You may be very surprised at what you see before you; it's kind of like getting to know yourself again. As women, we take such little time to concentrate on what WE like. Be brave and follow your voice.

I am going for a different look in my home than ever before. It's not a specific style or one that I see in the beautiful homes of my friends and clients, but it will be a visual representation of who I am, what makes me happy. It's a little scary but exciting! It's time to be bold and daring and listen to the voice inside. If it doesn't work out, there's always more paint!

My daughter always says to me, "Why can't you do it?" when I am trepidatious about things. She tells me to "Dream Big". You know what? She's right!

I encourage you to try it out and rediscover who you really are at this time, in this place, in all your uniqueness, because why not?

Until next time,


Alison Bruhn