Summer Skincare

Why is everything so complicated?! We all know that we are supposed to avoid the sun; no more suntanning! We all know that there are sunless options now to give us that glow without doing irreparable damage to our skin. We all know that gentle exfoliating is very important for healthy skin, it clears the pores and helps the skin absorb the serums and moisturizers we so faithfully apply. My problem was how these practices would work together instead of against each other when we add sunless tanning. If you pay all that money for a spray tan and then exfoliate your face a few days later, wouldn't that be counteractive? What about the vitamin C serums and glycolic acids, etc. that we apply? Wouldn't this cause the fake tan to become splotchy? I felt taking a break from the skincare routine would be the only solution to having a summer glow, and I knew this really wasn't an option.

I talked with my dermatologist and other skincare professionals, and this is my plan going forward, based on their recommendations.


It is much more important to take care of your skin than to have a summer glow! You cannot take off three months and not expect to see a diminishment in your skin's condition and overall health. So here is my plan based on the knowledge I've gained.  I'm going to use sunscreen on my body, and try to obtain just a little bit of color, but on my face, I will try to avoid it at all cost-with hats, sunscreen, etc. To get that suntanned look on my face, I will first exfoliate, then use a "Tan Towel". I will continue to religiously use my serums, moisturizers, and cleansers daily. After a few days, I will apply another tan towel. It's less costly than a spray tan, can be used as often as you like, and can be done at home. I'll fill in with a bronzer, and use a little highlighter cream along the top of my cheekbones for a sunkissed look. This way, I won't be totally pale, can avoid damaging my skin, and won't be wasting time and money on spray tans and self-tanning creams (that are messy, smelly and sticky)!

It can be tempting to become a bit lax about taking care of your skin in the warmer months, but DON'T DO IT! All the work you've put in, proper cleansing, exfoliating, masking, etc. can be quickly undone, and can take months to repair. It's really important, even more so than in the cooler months, because of sweat, humidity, and heat, to take care of your delicate skin. Remember, it has to last a lifetime!

Until next week,


Alison Bruhn