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I have discussed the art of getting dressed many times on the blog, but recently I read a "guide" that Alexa Chung put together in her book "It" that sums things up pretty clearly! As Alexa, who is a style icon to many,  launches her own collection,  which you can shop here , I thought you would enjoy reading her list.

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She writes, 

1. In the shower/bath/over the sink take your time to imagine your day and how you'd like to look as you are doing all those boring tasks/potentially running into an ex or future partner/nemesis....

2. Is the outfit clean?....Is it though???

3. Try and find the things.

4. Put it on, and this is crucial....LOOK IN A MIRROR.

5. Do the clothes fit properly? Is there a VPL problem (visible panty line)?? Will you be able to scale stairs without flashing someone? Is walking going to be a problem in those shoes? Do you look like a wizard or crazy person? If so, go back to number 1.

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This is a simple, very easily followed four step process that will get you out of the door looking and feeling good, so memorize it! 

You often only get one chance to make a positive first impression, so don't miss the opportunity!


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